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Direct Coal Liquefaction Project - Mammoet

In Inner-Mongolia in the North-East of China Mammoet has built a reactor vessel of 2000 tons for new oil production in China. The nearest sea harbour is 1,250 kilometers away from the refinery, which made the transportation of the MSG-Crane from the harbour to the refinery was very difficult and time consuming.

The erection of the MSG-Crane took 3 weeks. In the mean time the 2000 tons reactor vessel was jacked up and weighted. Thereafter the rollers and the SPMT were placed underneath the reactor and the 3 kilometers long ride from production site to refinery was made. On site the tail frame was assembled and placed on slides to lift the reactor vessel from horizontal in vertical position. After 12 hours the lifting was ready.  

Dutch Industrial Fasteners delivered 26 sets of stud bolts M90 x 1.200mm 10.9 complete with Hytorc LoadDISC washers. The LoadDISCs were installed to achieve an accurate and even bolt load. An even bolt load is specially required to carry the extremely heavy reactor to avoid a chain reaction in bolt breaking.