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Maintenance Power Generation

Electrabel is one of Europe's front-runners in the energy sector and leader on the Benelux market .Whatever the country or the customer segment concerned, its objective is to provide its customers with quality local products and services. To achieve this, it forms alliances with local partners and draws on its strength as a major European company.

Electrabel has great know-how in network techniques and is one of the few companies trading on all of Europe's energy markets. With a generating capacity of its European facilities of more than 29 500 MW at the moment, Electrabel has become the largest power company in the Benelux. With 7 locations and almost 1100 employees in The Netherlands Electrabel realizes 25% of the Dutch energy demand.

All these plants require a thorough maintenance every 10 year. This implicates a stop of 9 to 10 weeks for one production unit. In this period 3 teams work 24/7 to check all bolted joints for wear resistance, stiffness and permanent elongation. Especially the double ended studs in the generators are exposed to high temperatures.

The maintenance at the location Bergum is executed earlier than planned, because of a system break down. Because of this Electrabel was looking a flexible supplier of special fasteners. Dutch Industrial Fasteners was able to produce tailor made double ended studs within a few days. The double ended studs, manufactured in three different high-quality materials, were delivered by our in-house carrier. For future references DI Fasteners keep several materials in stock for Electrabel. So in case of unforeseen emergencies we can operates fast and efficient.